Welcome to Mats Blixt's Work Samples page. I am freelancing with Film & Video Production and Graphic design. This homepage, just as the name suggest, contains my work samples. I have been working professionally for many years and have a very wide experience in media production.

Good news, everyone! I have finally updated most of my movie clips to MPG4! Which means higher resolution and better quality. Yay! If you have any problems playing my clips or run into any other problems with them, please let me know!

I am what you might call a true multi-maniac; I have been working with everything from composing elevator music to directing. My primary interest is storytelling using static or moving images. Anyway enough about me now, if you want to read more facts about me check out my CV. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hiring my services.

And yes, I know, this homepage is starting to get really dusty, old and in dire need of a redesign. But I simply haven't had the time to do it, been busy working. But hopefully in a not too distant future I will get busy with designing a new page.