"Frying in the fridge" - A short animation for SVT's Mosquito show.

This animationl answers the ancient and eternal question : Does the light really go out when you close the fridge door. And it also reveals what really goes on in your fridge at night!

The show containing the animation was aired on Friday 2 of November 2001 at 19.00 on SVT 1.

Due to a tight Mosquito deadline, several compromises had to be made to the animation, which I wasn't entirely happy with. I was also very unhappy with the sound and music. Therefore the version you can download here isn't the original TV version. Lets call this a directors cut special web version.

Download movie:

"Frying in the Fridge" (MPG4 - 10MB )

Encoded in MPG4. Playable on Quicktime, VLC, Windows Media Player and others. Make sure you have the latest version of your player installed.

Pictures (click to enlarge):